Watup humans. Its been a min since i hit ya'll up with a post but im back.
1st off "HOUSE OF ROBOTEAUX" will be in lennox mall in the next year and a half!!!!!
and my new jean label S.P.A.C.E. is in the works.
bad news....STILL SOLO! lmao
but like kurtis blow said "Theeeese are the breaks" lol
but anyways im not gonna let that bother me 2 much cuz im meeting these really beautiful people who are showing me that there actually is a girl out there 4 mr bruce.
oh HEY ADINA! =] has been pretty good. chillin, workin, chillin, chillin, and hanging.
but i had 2 take a moment out of the world because i think i need 2 re-evaluate my life 4 these past 20 years.
ive met alot of ppl. made alot of friends. but now im realizing that alot of these ppl really arent friends. and so i shall begin cutting ppl off like unpaid cable.
i also thought about why im still single. that was simple 2 figure out. im still single because telling a girl that i like her isnt enough. i have 2 put in work and show her.
i have 2 put my neck on the line and do wat i feel. which is hard 4 me.
but ima give it a try.
i had 2 remind myself that im more than just funny jokes and fashion. that theres more than meets the eye and i want ppl 2 finally see that. and they will.
i found out alot more about myself and the changes i need 2 make but i'll save that 4 another blog post.
im outty 5000

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A.R. said...

hey pumpkin. <3

'J'ason [^_-] 'D'avis said...

Keep Making That Progress Man...Yo, Our Mixtape Just Dropped Today...You Can Check It Out On The Blog Peace Bruh [^_-]

d. said...

"and so i shall begin cutting ppl off like unpaid cable."

i like that. i've been alive for 18.5 years and i'm feeling the same way.
i look forward to reading more of your posts.


Immature Gentleman said...

yo, im mkaing my own designs for now on, and i posted one on the immature gentleman blog go comment it dawg, need your advice, and whats up man?, we gonna do the blog?


dope blog.imma follow u

Neesh B Fly said...

..check out my blog and follow me if you like it...