House of Roboteaux......

Well as ya'll know ive been working day and nite about getting this boutique. and i finally came up with the name "House of Roboteaux". Dope rite? well anyways thats the unofficial logo rite there. just playing around with some stuff.

but im officially done tryna make my blog look better. CUZ ITS HARD!!!!!


i talked 2 Adina the other day which made me happy since ive been stressed out the past week and a half. its good knowing she's still there.

im so ready 2 start school its not even funny. im bored outta my mind!

im outty 4 a min. gotta go finish these new designs.


4 space thoughts:

Immature Gentleman said...

yo your sign is sick!

yo i made my firts issue of designs that i made, so go comment it because i need your opinion to make stuff official, and im sorry if you cant see it well, also im not really a good drawer so i did my best


Mo said...

That sign so fly I am fan of your blog check out myen tnks.

Immature Gentleman said...

yo im making a logo for the immature gentleman blog so i need your help on picking which one, either the lighting bolt or the immature face

leave a comment on the post so i could know


Immature Gentleman said...

also go ahead and follow the owl express line and the space pace line

i made new designs for both labels so go check them out and i also customized both layouts of the labels, leave a comment