Sky Mite Fall [2 the girls in my life]

WATUP! so i just saw that this is my 300th post! DAAAYYYUM! ive been killin the blog game. lol but anywho....2day has been going really dope. Been txtin Adina all day chattin it up. i just bought a pair of guages 4 my ears. so ima be looking extra dope. as usual.
man i actually was in the car 2day and thought about all of the girls that ive met in my life and how they all have had so type of effect on who ive become 2day. and i knw some of the girls ive mmet we havent had the best relationships but i wanna thank ya'll 4 teaching me and helping me grow. it means alot 2 me. i would name all of ya'll but its 2 many. some of ya'll have really meant alot 2 me [danira, jada, adina, whitney, caedora] i know i fuck up alot and wont call or txt or stay in contact but i want ya'll specifically 2 know that im just tryna make it in life where i know im supposed 2b. and i wanna bring ya'll with me. ya'lll r the 1's who were there when i was shit outta luck and didnt know wat 2 do. ya'll have given me advice, encouragement, love, friendship, and billions of smiles. so 2 ya' ya'll. and when i make it, ya'll make it. but i know u guys will be there @ the top with me................

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