Wats been up wit Dr. Robotnic?

1st off....MJ i miss u. I actually had the opportuinity 2 meet u and it meant so much 2 me. and so yeah i shed some tears when u left.

But good news. My moms operation went well. her new robotic arm looks cool. lol
[mama im playing]

but yo...i was sitting down yesterday and i realized. R.I. has the men's line, the women's line....wat do we need now? hm...oh yeah! a childrens line! so me and some of my ppl spent allday brainstorming and coming next is UBERDUPERDOPE! the children's line! i cant wait. now ya babies can b fresh 2. and i dnt mean dress em in coogi from head 2 toe fresh. lol

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Curt said...

yo wat up ill blog follow mine
and tell a friend lol

Mister. LaBeach said...

Your Blog Is Dopee...
Follow Me @:

Immature Gentleman said...

yo you gotta tell me what's up with that website we about to do

you gotta give me info so i can prepare

Immature Gentleman said...

oh i made some new designs for my new july issue, go ahead and check them out, comment them too