I WILL be dropping $800 for these

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Anonymous said...

those are dope, and when you move on your own site tell me so i can collab and we both get props, and i know you wanna do your own thing on the site but its cool

Anonymous said...

ight dawg, thanks man!

good looking out, if we make a site together what you gonna name it?

and if we make a deal with a company we gone be rich lol thanks for the comment dawg

Anonymous said...

Yo i need you to comment on the new label im making, its called Blast Off Ink, i made a shirt of it that says sky high, im trying to make dufflebags too so check out the dufflebag i made, thanks for the help dawg, man i cant wait to collab both of our designs!

thank for the opinions and i hope we make it big

Anonymous said...

ight man, then thats another label for the site.

yo we can use for the clothing that we doing. says we can put it in blogs and stuff. ima use that stuff to design.

Anonymous said...

and i made a tribute to michael jackson, go check that out man, im sad as hell, about to cry man, he's an inspiration man

Anonymous said...

yo on your that website,, you gotta show mw how to save it cuz im making new designs and havent made on in the longest

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