Come on now ppl....

iight this topic is making me mad as fuck! i knw alot of ya'll out there are homophobes and ish and that ya'll hate gays and lesbians. but all this gay hate shit is getting old. im not gay....lets get that strait but 55% of my friends are. im in the fashion industry so alot of the ppl i work with are gay. but imma need the world 2 shut the fuck up about "i hate gays" and shit. i was talking 2 this mutha fucka [cuz that wat he was] and we was talking about fashion and this NIGGA had the nerve 2 say "im not gonna wear ______'s clothes anymore cuz he's gay!" as u knw i flipped shit and tore another asshole 4 him. im not a big dude on the noh8 movement but that bitchassnigga got me fired up so from now until august 50% of the money 4rm my line is going 2 a noh8 organization. ITS FUCKING 09 PPL COME ON! GROW THE FUCK UP!

im calm now. lol

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