My ex's have screws loose

This is a random post that has nothing to do with robotic infantry. But I guess we can put it under "relationships". I was surfin the blogosphere and came across my recent ex's page. Just wanted 2c if she was doing good. So I'm reading. And 1st thiing I noticed is she has been smoking like weed is going outta style....2maro! Lol 2nd is she made me ask this question 2 myself. Y is that when a guy breaks up with a girl 4 legit reasons, if she doesn't understand y she automatically bad mouths him? Like wtf is up with that? I dnt really care but its like y r u still dwelling? #C'monSon. But I hope she does "see me n the streets" that'll be an interesting experience. We'll c if age is just a # or is it a measure of maturity. We shall see. Wa shall. Bit ANNNNNYWAYS! Lol. I hope she's happy and that everything is going well with her. Well......back 2 my current girlfriend Robotic Infantry. Lol ima fool

Outty 5000000.1

Oh ps if u got a blackberry and u not using the opera mini browser u on some #basicshit. #thatisall

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