Missing My Robotic Fam

Wats good earthlings!!!! Its been a earth minute since I've posted and I miss u guys. Gotta lot of updates so here goes. Ima get you up 2 speed with everything. 1st off Robotic Infantry Clothing WAS pushed back. I knw a lot of people were buggin abt that and I'm sorry. We couldve released 1.10.10 like we planned but we didn't wanna put out half-ass material. So we're reworking some stuff and soon we'll launch. We now have the rights 2 "S.P.A.C.E. Jean co." (Styling Profiling And Creating Envy). So that is in the works. Also, we are creating a new line of simple tees called "#VoltronUp Tees". We've got a lot coming for all of you. Just hang wit us and stay supportive like u've been n the past. Love you guys.

Outty 5000.1

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