The Team is here!!!

Watup earthlings. it is i Ramoan, Dr. Robotnic, Loser man, Pluto Nash, etc etc. lol
im here 4 something special 2day. i knw ive been talking alot about the blog going thru some changes well there slowly coming. we have a few new additions to the Blogger Fam.
i wanna welcome our new fashionisto Magan who will be bringing updates on the fashion world around us.

i wanna welcome 1 of our new celeb/gossip teammates Mykel who'll bring the news and dig up the good dirt

HUGE welcome to my brother James Jupiter [James Jupe] who will be hitting ya'll with words of wisdom for all the dope-impaired out there

there are a few more members of the team that i need to introduce but when they get squared away then i'll shout em out.


and yeah the blog WILL be getting a complete makeover

im.....we're outty 5000000000000.1

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