mmk i got my 1st hater on my clothing line! YESSSSSS! this 1 person outta........the thousands that that have seen my stuff doesnt like my designs. Cool bananas. mmk imma lay it out clean 4 this person. If u knew wat kind of hard work i put into this line u would close ur mouth. the stuff i post on blogger are SAMPLES meaning they look different in person. u knw wat a rough draft is? i didnt think u did. if ur gonna be so critical about my shit then u MUST have ur own line cuz if u dont then what gives u the rite 2 go all top designer on me. but its cool. cuz when everyone is rockin my stuff u can be alll "different" and "unique" and not wear it. i hope u heard the sarcasm bleed outta my words. but i actually like the criticizm cuz it makes me wanna produce more just so u have 2 look @ it cuz obviously ur reading my blog o faithful follower. when ive had advise and been mentored by some of the hottest designers, rappers, etc. and ive been contracted 2 design 4 some of the artists that are on ur ipod then OBIVIOSLY im doin my thing.

but good luck 2 u in all of ur endeavors and i hope ur successful in watever it is u do which looks 2 b hating. lol

im outty 5000

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Kyler said...
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Kyler said...

ohh and what artists do you design for?

Dr. Robotnic [DOPE] said...

see the way u came @ me was cool. i can respect that. i only use spreadshirt 2 make rough drafts 4 my stuff i use a company called "dangerpress" 2 produce my stuff.

ive done 2 designs 4 gorrilla zoe [spellcheck]
1 for richboy, and im working on 1 now 4 keak da sneak [super hyphy]

БОЦЦ said...

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Immature Gentleman said...

YOOOOOOOOOOOOOO! the same person came at me, but he just trying to help so just make more of that stuff