Watup humans. its been a min since i posted a blog but just wanted 2 give a lil update on my life. basically.....everythings good. lol but 4real. i cant complain about how my life's going. im making money with the line [more than i every have], my moms is doing better, school is dope, and im just living my life 2 the fullest but making all the rite choices. but its weird, even tho everything is ska-dizzly i still feel like something is missing in my life. idk wat it is but its this empty spot inside me that ive tried 2 fill but can't. idk i'll have 2 sit down and think about it.

anyways. on a more cheerful note. ......i love my life. lol
oh b4 i forget. i knw my last post i went level 13 spazz on the person who was "hating" but i wanna say that i was wrong 4 blowing up like that. because i have 2 realize that people that do that are only out there 2 help me by giving me the boost i need. so in a way im saying thanks. i still cant stand a hater but thanks.

i gotta lookup plane tickets 2 cali cuz i promised jada i was gonna take her so ima try and find some good tickets.

but anywho! House of Roboteaux atill coming strong. Shout out 2 Dan and the rest of the R.I. fam.

im outty 5,000,000

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Immature Gentleman said...

you talking about jadakiss?