Wat did Dr. R do 2day?

Nada much. lol. 2day was pretty chilled. woke up late as hell and watched transformers: Rise of the fallen [dnt ask how i got it]. it was dope as hell. kinda made the 1st 1 seem bad. but anyways....ive been posting all day [i think this is #4]. I finally posted that robotic Infantry "Invasion Blueprint" on facebook. and ive got alot of designers, singers, and models who are ready 2 do this. so im pretty geeked about that. but other than that ive just been coolin it. it seemed like i chatted with everyone on facebook. everyone kept hitting me up outta the blue. but it was cool. some conversations i enjoyed more than others. i need 2 go 2 urban outfitters 2 buy some more plaid. cuz i love it. lol. im still working on getting Robotic Infantry Clothing available @ so we'll c where that goes. but yeah.

and somethings been on my mind lately. i tried just leaving it alone and focusing on what i gotta get done but i cant. and idk y. idk. i'll figure it out.

i gotta question 4 my blogger fam....."is there really a such thing as the "1"?" like is there really someone out there 4 everyone who is like a perfect match? i dk, ive kinda given up on thr whole "looking 4 the 1, and tryna have a "fairytale" life [i said that in a manly tone] it just seems like 2 me that that ish doesnt exists. but who knws......

2 space thoughts:

A.R. said...

i wanna see that transformers movie hella bad, and i think there's a perfect person for everyone, you just might not find them for a while.

Dr. Robotnic said...

u gon love it. im still geeked over it.
and ur prolly rite. ima just stop searchin and just flow wit it