Dr. Robotnic can Skateboard?!!

Yessir he can! and im damn good @ that ish! i finally got my tre-flip down (360 kickflip). i land that ish so fresh. idk y but the song i was bumpin 2 while i was skating was MGMT "electric feel" that song puts me where i need 2b.
But YOOOOO! Robotic Infantry is about 2 make some major moves.

i have not 1 not2 but 26 artists/designers who are damn near dying 2 start working on some stuff and im ready! ive got 15 official Robo-Girl models, and an array of photographers, rappers, singers, and dont 4get my skate crew USB 3.0 SK8-CRW!

yo im soooo close 2 all of my dreams coming tru. and everyone thats helping me is def comin 2 the top with me. we a family now. and the world isnt ready 4 wat we about 2 bring 2 them!

2day was a good ass day!

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