Update on my life.....

Watup humans. i know i know, i havent been posting in a few days. Ya'll missed me?
lol but lets c the past week has been really good. me and my cookiebaby have been talking everyday and nite so she's been keeping my head clear. school has just the same ol same ol. but school has actually been really good tho cuz i dnt stress about issues with ppl and stupid situations. i stopped fighting 4 ppl who dont want me 2 fight 4 them. cuz supposedly fighting 4 a girl u want bad makes u a p@$$& or a punk B*$%^, damn really. well in that case....idc anymore and im takin myself outta the equation. so its all good. but anywho. ive been happy lately and its been bcuz of a sprecial girl. a girl who has been honest and sweet and funny. A girl who said "i better have missed her or she was gona punch me n the eye" LMAO! [yes i miss u] everything has juat been going rite now that i dont worry about anything anymore. the line has a few new shirts out and we're drawing near 2 the launch of the line in july.

I wanna thank everybody that has had involvment in the line. everyone who has helped me, been by my side, and supported me the whole way. Preciate everyone who has also given me inspiration on alot of my pieces. i love ya'll and when i make it 2 the top [soon] ya'll are all comin with me. im outty5000 guys. i'll post again in a lil bit.

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Cam "Chaos Theory" Johnson said...

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