My 200th post! and this 1 is special

4 my 200th post i wanted 2 do something special and since there's a special girl n my life i want to dedicate this 2 her. Im not really the poetic type but here goes.....


Ive been 2 many different planets. stepped foot on many different worlds/

but theres something about this planet that makes it different from any other girls/

ive had the crazy, the sexy, the stange and the cute/

but this is 1 that ive never had...made me give the rest the boot/

this planet is...funny, smart, and beautiful, all in 1 package/

the calming atmosphere made me 4get all of my emotional baggage/

it started as just a trip, thought about it when i was alone/

now its essential 2 my life...hell, it mite as well b my home/

i think its love and not lust, compassion and trust/

making this planet...MY planet smile is a must/

b4 her i was an astronaut aiting 4 my jetpack 2 thrust/

heart hadnt been used in awhile but she removed all of the rust/

now my mentality is 2 the moon or bust/

its her love or nothing/

life was just the usual but now amounts 2 something/

she's my girl/

my loops and my twirl/

every jewel that i need, my diamond and my pearl/

my girl

4 my cookiebaby

2 space thoughts:

Karma Cee said...

awww...great for a 200th post!!

Dr. Robotnic said...

preciate that. yeah decided 2 step outta ma
comfort zone