Damn I miss ya'll!

Wassup humans!!! I miss saying that, lol. But anywho its been a hot min since i've been on here seeing as that I've got the site up. just in case u were wondering cause i knew u were. lol. Man life has been nothing less than AWESOME! its like in 2 months my life went from boring and mediocre 2 extravagant and exciting. Wats new with me? well....Robotic Infantry is BOOMING! my name is being slung around like a skinny girl during sex. lmao. We're selling alot of pieces and momentum is picking up. I have my 1st EPIC fashion show on the 29th and that'll be the 1st show that i really show the world what ive been working on for soooo long. i'll be previewing our spring/summer collection and some pieces 4 the future. Oh and ima be modeling in it! lol i know...Ramoan....designing....and modeling. YUUUUP im doing it. and im a pretty dope model if i must say so myself. modeling agencies and fashion buyers are gonna be at the show so i know something big will happen.
in other news. I have a new girlfriend. I knw i know i said after the last1 that i was gonna be outta the game 4 good but this girl is perfect. im going 2c her fri and spend the weekend with her. School lol'

but anyways.i miss ya'll and if u wanna get at me hit up the site

outty 5000000000000000000000000.1

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