Tron Tron Tron Tron Tron.......TRON!

All of the little kids and padawans wouldnt understand why im so geeked about this movie. Back in 1982 Disney produced 1 of the greatest sci-fi flicks of ALL TIME *Kanye Voice* I was born in 89. so this was the FIRST sci-fi flick i EVER saw. This honestly is the reason i love the things i do. Well disney likes fucking with peoples minds and so 20 something years later they put out TRON LEGACY 4 the kiddies. But this new remake.....Blows the 1st one outta the metaphysical water it was dipped in. Check it out........
*Wipes Digital cum from intergalactic mental penis* LMFAO

The Original Lightbike scene 1982

The NEW Lightbike scene 2010

Yeah.....GOTDAMN! this ish is gonna be uberdope!

Oh and Daft Punk graciously teamed up with disney to do the Tron Legacy theme song.....

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