What am I thankful for

Watup earthlings. on a serious note. its like 1:57 am in cali and i was sitting here thinking and i started to really think about what im thankful for. I know i said shoes clothes and shit like that. but im really thankful for my family. my moms who is like my backbone. my dad who is my voice of reason. my brothers who are my support system. and all of my relatives.

im thankful for my goood and close friends. the ones who've had my back all these years. gave me smiles and TONS of laughter. i cant even name everybody but its alot of ya'll.

im thnkful for my company. because without it my life wouldnt be where its at rite now.

but most of all i wanna thank God. because without HIM i wouldnt even be here. he gave me the talents and everything to do what i do.
Lord thank u thank u thank u thank u!!!! i love you so much.

you've brought me thru 20 years of life. and im ready 4 the next 20! LET'S GET IT! YUUUUAAAAAA! lmao

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