If this isnt Jocking......idk what is! SMFH

@ my school there are many different styles and many different trends that are going on rite now. There's the nerd, the skater, the prep, the me [lol], and many others. but the style that is most widely spread around campus is the "GigaByter aka the Jocker aka Cant find my own style aka SMH" its a shame actually, idk why people choose to do it but they do and since they wanna be out there like that imma help em out.

Exhibit A:

i even hate putting him on my blog. because we represent dopeness, individual style, originality.
THIS ISNT IT! so if you skipped dwn here 2 read we are not....i repeat...WE ARE NOT encouraging you in anyway to do this. SMH dude obviously saw a bootleg of the glow in the dark tour rite before class. lmfao
and people if you gonna dress like your favorite stars do it rite! if your gonna do Kanye [which is what he was going for] do the Kanye of 2009. not 2007. SMH

lemme stop before i go kill myself oveer someone elses style. lol

im waaaaaay outty 500000000.1


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