Two individuals, with too many kids, about to ruin their lives

The Gosselins, man of us know their name, how many kids they have, and which day they appear in court. Yes, we all know their whole lives, which is completely ridiculous, we know TOO MUCH. these kids are going to grow up, not knowing themselves, but having the person sitting next to them in school, telling them who their father is sleeping with.
The Gosselins have made plenty of mistakes. One signing over there life to the people of that television show that they act for, not only did they sign their lives but the lives and privacy of their children. Two, cheating on each other, with people that have GINORMOUS mouths, and even bigger egos. and Three, letting the whole world know their every move via, facebook, twitter, or just walking up to a paparazzi. They are um just a tad bit to open.
I am not trying to lower the ratings of their tv show, neither am i trying to knock their hustle, but WTF people this is getting very very old. Grow up, leave the show, raise your kids, GET A DIVORCE, and move on with your sloppy lives. Thanks that is all. =]]
In other news, well news to me one of my fellow uberdope bloggers asked me for my wishlist! HELL YEA man, I believe in Santi, and this is what he better bring me =]]
1.)Lupes' new album LASERS! OMG OMG OMG! lupe is like my favorite hip hop artist of all time, he is one of the best. GAHH he was supposed to be retired but he decided to continue writing amazing lyrics..
2.)The Nike Dunk High 6.0 black, pink, and purple! i love sneakers like all kinds, but these i just gotta have.
3.) Macbook Pro 17 in. I have to have one. it does everything i need it to do, and it soo damn sexy sleek and in)novative, if Santi brings me this i will like forever be greatful.
4.) ED HARDY ED HARDY ED HARDY! i love the whole design, the whole line is amazing. i already have the pink ones, but i need the black ones! OMG! =]]
5.) last but definitely not least. a effing beautifl camara! i love photography, but i just want to get good at it! I feel like the Nikon D80s are the best camaras out there! they are just simply amazing.. GAHHH!

Thanks ahead of time Santi! =]]

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