Power Outage, Rain, But I'm good

Hola earthlings. Kirk checking in. 1st off let me say whats up and thank you to everyone on the "House of Roboteaux" Blog team/family. But anyways, today has been kinda suckish. the power went out around 1am [if ur in the area then u feel my pain], and its raining. But other than that im doin pretty good. Im at school and watnot hittin you guys up in between classes. Its funny, the new team has only been working on the new and improved blog for a couple days and already we're getting more readers and random people are walking up to me telling me how good the blog looks and that they think i chose a good team. so kudos to the family.

im kinda bored rite now but theres not much i can do about it. lol gotta wait til 4 when my last class starts. then i CAN GO HOME! lol
 oh.......before i forget.

I CUT MY HAIR!!!!! and it looks good. wit my good hair. lmao

but im off to boredom land, i'll update sommore later today [in a few secs], got some news for you all.

im outty 500000000.1

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