Music Spotlight: M.O.E.T. (Rosary Gang)

Watup earthlings. Im back! but I brought some new friends along. I love good music. I love good artists. I love duo groups. I love when artists show me and the clothing line love. So what do i do when i recieve props.....I give props.

So when I was hit up by a group called M.O.E.T, i had 2 show em love. They music is hot. period. no other way 2 spin it. so i thought i'd introduce them to ya'll. so i sat down with Clayzon and A Boogz to get rundown......

Captin Kirk: So the rap game is in a weird state rite now. Half is in Space, apart is still in the hood, and the rest is making instructional dance trax. Where do you stand?

Clayzon: Im on planet keep it 100 lol Im just real honestly me and my ninja branched out and created our own lane.

A Boogz: Im 19 So ive seen the game go from incredible to ass Moet is in there own lane we make that Blok music everyone can relate to. We just keep it surreal no fabrication

Captain Kirk: Who inspired your flow?

Clayzon: im inspired by the usual you know BIG & Jay i like fab i just love the creativity. You really dont get that nowadays in hiphop everyones following whos hot. Im a bronx nigga so you already know how i feel about cock riders excuse my language but thats just the truth im on that next shit man.

A Boogz: Im from the Bronx the birth of hip-hop shit is in my bloodline my ears are hard to please i def was inspired by Jigga and B.I.G the most as an artist im a fan first i love to hear different shit honestly only person who inspires me now is Clayzon if it wasn't for him i wouldnt go as hard we call it swag sparin

Captain Kirk: top of the head. 2 bars copy paper. lol

Clayzon: wow xerox copy paper man lmaoo aight you my nigga i got you.

"Wudup caretaker the flow you should favor/
i cant believe i ended this with xerox copy paper/"

A Boogz: LOL ive never had to rap about something that dull but ight.

"House of roboteaux got me rappin bout xerox/
see my P.O monday so i gotta detox//"

Captain Kirk: gimme your top 5 fav mc's


Joe Budden

A Boogz: Me and Clazyon got the same ear lol
Joe Budden
Stack Bundles

Captain Kirk: autotune or not? why

Clayzon: NOOOOT!!! Aint feelin the T. Pain effect its only good on T. Pain lol as you can tell im definetly part of the D.O.A campaign lol reason y? honestly do you think you can listen to a whole album of Ron Browz? lol just being honest i think autotune is a gimmic it was good while it lasted when i seen it on a wendys commercial i was trippin lol. autotune gives the untalented talentwell i guess some people just sound even worst lol

A Boogz: NOT!!! I REPEAT NOT!!! I mean if your t-pain cool you can't knock his hustle he grossed 15 mill this year fucking with it. I see it as a gimic no one wants to be themselves anymore music isn't a trend you dont just follow what everyone is doing the reason your an artist is cause you have something different to bring to the table, to me everyone sounds the same on it pretty fucking boring if you ask me. D.O.A

Captain Kirk: who would be in your dream collabo?

Clayzon: whoa!!! well ofcourse my top 5 but other than that i'll work with anyone who can make a real record

A Boogz: Righteous question Def my whole top Would be a dream but I rather just collab with Clayzon and Phamli Da Pusha. Keep it BLOK

Captain Kirk: your music's dope. do u think the world is ready 4 what u bringing?

Clayzon: Oh the worlds ready just have'nt reached the right ear yet.

A Boogz: The world is def ready we might be over alot of people's heads due to the fact that the music out now is more dumbed down but real hip-hop fans would know whats good we keep it 100 got flow for days and lyrics is beyond what most ninjas in our age bracket are talking about now

Captain Kirk: we ask everyone this question...Whats your definition of original style

Clayzon: Im from the Bronx what type of question is that lol jk My definition of original style would be MOOOEEETTTAAA!!! now doesnt that sound original lol

A Boogz: Lol original style? it doesnt get anymore original then coming from new york we basically start every trend hip-hop follows even if the music game isn't poppin over there i think anyone should wear what they feel comfortable in if i say so myself them Moet boys got to much swag ninjas bite hard we could sell Moet outta bag really want original style the music speaks for itself check out the page you wont be disappointed.

There you have it people. M.O.E.T. is here these r 2 real down 2 earth cool ass dudes. Like they say down here in Atlanta "I fucks with them breh" lmao
But on that note. i wanna welcome Clayzon and ABoogz to the "House of Roboteaux" Fam!

Check out their music on myspace. You wont be disappointed. Im talk to YOU yeah YOU.....naw, the dude in charge of the record label. lol


im outty 5000000.1
I need to step my Rosary game up!

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