Introductory Article;; [[robo-apprentice]]

salutes to all;; my name is Magan; model type 2466. im the original. im in my 15th year of existence. im a part of the Robotic Infantry family. why am i here you ask?? because this "swagger" ishh is crazy!! people in their follower state of minds. these dope people are here to teach and spread the word of individuality, and having a sense of being your own person. get rid of the mohawks dudes!!! the swag is dead, so let it die. so im gonna be updating you all on the newest drops of sick clothing lines [robotic infantry, UberDuperDope!!- to start you guys off], brand new dope kicks, and the most outstanding trends. not to follow, but to be inspired by. ill do my darndest to keep things updated, and come at you with the best stuff. live long and prosper;; gotta jett!!

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