Im in love......WITH THESE SHOES!

My friend professor Flybot really got me up on my Hi-fashion and watnot and he put me on these kicks called Diet Butchers. When I first heard the name I was like....Uhhhh...ooohhh k. But after I saw em i fell in love. Cuz u knw how i love my super high tops. Now these arent you're dads hi-tops. these are high quality very expensive kicks. that should be worn with the utmost respect. lol.

Now the Diet Butchers might deciecve you into thinking that they're like most other kicks but they definitely are not. the 1st thing i noticed when i slipped mine on was how comfortable they were. Supra is known for having roomy and cushiony soles, but they dont compare to these. 2nd is the color. GLOSSY patent leather with nubuck accents. and 3rd and most noticable, the super long shoe stings. u thought AF1's had long strings, these are so long that they are made so that you have to wrap them around the shoe i think 6 time so that they dont get messed up ,which makes them look real rugged and ready 4 combat. lol

but ive said enuff. get your bread, skrilla, that green, paper, cash, moolah, hot stuff, dough whatever u call it  and cop these. but dont tell ya moms. they kinda pricey and they are known to give parents heart attacks. lol

im outty 5000000.1

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