WATUP FAM! i def missed ya'll. its been what......2....4+5....carry the 6....A LONG ASS TIME! lmao but anyways. i been dealing with alot of stuff lately but im back and its time 4 business again. I knw everyone is like "Where the FUCK r the designs?" and i hate that i havent been putting any up but im taking a break from designing to focus on some legal matters. tryna get ready to launch the line(s) to ya' a reasonable price!

WAIT! Im mad as hell @ Kanye.....dude. i love ur music. ur awesome but look what ur actions caused. LADY GAGA the queen of weird and retarded behavior doesnt even wanna tour with u! that should say something.

but on a better note ima leave ya'll with my new anthem for the rest of the year

oh and CUDI WATUP!

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БОЦЦ said...

at long last brother! you need to hurry :D the big world is goin' you can't stop.HAHA. stay fresh!