Embassador of Dopeness (week 1)

Alright earthlings we've found 1! We have found our 1st official "Embassador of Dopeness" for week 1.
And she definitely is a dope 1.

Name: Dana aka "Kitty"
Age: 20
Planet of Residence: Neptune
D.O.M. (Date of Materialization): May 12
Interests: i'm a moon gazing, music obsessed, food loving artist from new orleans

Breakdown of Style: "I dont really feel like i have a "style", i just do me. I don't dress to be cute very often, i dress to be comfortablei guess if you had to put my style in a group, however, im somewhere between a "a tribe called quest" type hip hop jive, some how mated with a skater and a hip chick from the late 60's my highschool art teacher always told me i was a modern day hippie"

Yeah i knw guys....she's a sexy one. but dont drool on your keyboards. lol
Week 1 was dope let's see who will take the title for week 2............
Outty 500000.1

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