Dear God

Yo watup God. its me. umm....yeah i knw i dnt pray as much as i should or go 2 church as much but i just wanted 2 tell u thank u. thank u 4 everything u've done in my life. i always F up but u always bless me. with money, a good family, a good circle of friends, and my rite mind. Everyday im given a new challenge, a new obstacle, a new enemy. but u always give me the strength and strategy 2 deal with it and succeed. lord i love u. u took me from the stupid immature lil boy that i was who didnt have a future to tha man that i am who has an upcoming fashion empire and the brightest future ever. thank u lord. so much 4 thespecial people u put in my life who love me, encourage me, and help build me up everyday
God bless my friends, my TRU friends who have been there when i needed them i love them and i need them in my life lord
[Adina, cameron, jeremy, justin, ernest, jada, george, kwame, todd, whitney, kaya, kimi,.....lord it 2 many 2 name but u knw who they are. lol

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tripleF said...

who is your screen printer