Random thoughts......

is there a such thing as a soulmate? i dnt believe in that stuff

supras are just super fresh kicks 2 me

but they dont beat a nice pair of SB's

will Dr. Robotnic ever find..."Her"?

i love my mom sooooo much. she's been there 4 me since the begining

i say begining cuz im adopted

these jeans are a little 2 tight.

i like her but i feel like its a 1 way street

weird is the new black

no 1 @ stonecrest was fly when we went on sat

i suck @ mini-golf

Tiger woods i want my money back 4 those lessons!


im bout 2 get a new phone.

im seriously thinking about buying an apartment in cali

have u ever met someone and immediately knew u wanted 2b with them?

did i say i love my mama?

im addicted 2 my computer

how many kids do i want i nthe future?

i want weird kids. lol

skateboarding is wat i do 2 release anger

NO im not a rapper. i just like 2 write.

she got me dancing again.

but ima beast so i cant help it. WHO WANT SOME!

jabbawockeez biyatch. lol

Star trek is the label i wanns be affiliated with

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Mr.Charm said...

lol man! im followin your site retrun the favor