Stop Overthinking!

Watup earthlings! i knw its been a min since i posted up on ya'll. but im back in business. Alot has been goin down the last few weeks with me personally and with the lines. on the business side of things, business is doing good. working hard and working on the final preparations before the launch [ITS COMING PEOPLE], been looking in 2 owning a boutique in lennox mall. and a buncha other stuff.

on a personal side. alot of good and bad things have been happening. bad 1st, my uncle is suffereing with extreme diabetes and had 2 have his foot removed. [BE STRONG UNK], and my mom found out that theres a tumor on her spine [MOM ITLL BE ALRITE]. but on a good note [cause that shit is depressing] im not gonna let that stuff bother me 2 bad. i met a girl. she's dope. went out 2days ago. it was dope. but now my dumbass is doin wat i usually do and is starting 2 overthink things. im comin @ her totally different than i have 4 any other girl. and since im doin things differently i second guess and overthink situations that arent that big a deal. [CHILL RAMOAN! lol]
but idk. just tryna make the right moves with this 1.

my sis is gettin married. YAY!

but anywho. i'll post soon again 4 u guys love all the supporters and i got something big 4 ya'll 2 show my love back.
im outty 5000

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