Mmk earthlings. i knw i gotta lot of followers now and ish and 1 of my favorite rappers once said "someone helped put me on the its my time 4 me 2 do that 4 u" so thats wat imma do. Im bout 2 introduce 2 ya'll an artist ive known 4 a few years now. he's like a bro 2 me and he's also 1 of the dopest rappers i knw.

ladies. gentlemen. aliens. earthlings. and everything in b/w I'd like you 2 meet

1.who or what inspired you 2 start rapping? i couldnt sing so i had to make music sum kinda way
2. HAHA! i feel ya. The game is always changing. Where do you see the game in the future?
i will be one of those guys that will do his justice and just chill 4 a min and have kids and
3. Where will Maxwell Moses be in the future?
in your ears
4. Death of Autotunes. What do you think about that?
autotunners do your shit..i dont
5. who would be in your dream collab?
ye, or kid artist out rite now
6. Aite I feel ya, Very strategic. Describe your style in 5 words
New, Wierd, Clean, Confusing, Metaphoric
7. How has Maxwell Moses evolved since the begining?
My rhymes have more substance now...ive seen and heard alot of things since i was 11

There you have it people! He has spoken! now wat ima need 4 ya'll 2 do is cop the mixtape......NOW! he wont disappoint. i promise you

Dr. Robotnic! Im Outty 5000

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