Floating in Space...

Well....last nite was a goodnite. got clarity on situations i was stressing over and was able 2 watch a good movie in peace and work on some new designs. i didnt hit the sack til about 3 but when i did...I WAS OUT! lol
Its summertime and im supposed 2b waking up @ like 12 noon and ish but everyday 4 about a week and a half i been waking up @ 7 in the morning. Come on God let me sleep PLEASE!

i knw i stress over relationships and stuff all the time. but im with where i am in life. ever since i can remember ive been 1 of those dudes where when i like someone i go 100% and put my focus on them. and in doing that i miss out on really special people [SHUTUP ima fashion designer i can talk all sentimental like this lol]
but anyways. Business has also made me kinda....numb 2 relationships bcuz with my lines i have 2 manipulate things around me 2 make them work in my favor. i had 2 realize that i cant be that way with relationships. i cant force stuff. i have 2 just let it flow.

2day i was on Facebook posting new designs and stuff and started chatting with Adina. we;ve known each other 4 awhile from the blog and we've talked occasionally. she's 1 of those ppl i talked about missing bcuz of stressing over 1 girl. she's so cool. its fuuny i'd stress over this girl and be bummed, then i'd get a message or a tweet from adina and i 'd forget about everything else and talk 2 her. lol so you know wat? i think imma put my new mantra "Just let it flow" into motion and see where this goes. whatever happens.....i know it'll be good

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A.R. said...

aren't you sweet. <3