this is some weird ish.....

yo i knw @ a certain point u become successful and known and ppl start 2 notice u and admire u. but the weirdest thing happened 2 me 2day. it still hasnt hit me that i have a up and coming line, but i was walking downtown and this boy walked up 2 me and was staring @ me. i didnt knw wat 2 say and then he went "are u dr. robotnic?" and of course my ego started leaking out. and i said yeah. the next thing he said threw me into another planet. he said "ive seen ur clothes and ur 1 of my top 5 favorite designers" and im not making any of this up. he said that he heard about me from 1 of his friends who has my facebook. he also said that he knew all of the designs that i put out and that he owns 5 of my pieces. lil dude even knew the names of the shirts. he asked me 4 my autograph and i gave it 2 him and also hooked him up with a free jacket that i had delivered from my shop.

im still kinda geeked about that experience cuz it shows me that im rele getting out there that im not just doin this in vain. so thank God 4 that.

WOW! im 1 of his top FIVE designers. he has me up there with pharrell, Christen A, and the rest of them big time names!

Shoutout 2 Jr. Francis. food looks lil man u made my day, and i promise 2 keep pputting out that fire 4 u.

2 space thoughts:

Immature Gentleman said...

hey im feeling this shirt, where did you do that shirt? what website, and we gonna collab, dont worry

Check it

Immature Gentleman said...

yo the website im doing it in is but ima have to stop because i think its illegal or something, bu ill check and see