kinda pissed...kinda dgaf....idk

iight humans. heres wats been going down. im ready 2 start this invasion [if u dnt knw ask somebody], i hate having ppl work 4 me. i wish i was a 1 man show. i specifically told my "assistant" 2 type up and send out this email that i needed out 4 everyone involved with the invasion. IM SICK! i cant do it. so i had him do it. why the fuck is the email half typed, misspelled, and not sent?! WTF! im mad as hell cuz im sick and that should make everyone else do like the lakers and step the fuck up! but no. so ima have 2 fix that when i get better.

then this.......asshole who i used 2 date. randomly hits me up and started with the "i miss u, i wanna b with u, the next time will b different. im a new person" BLAH BLAH BULLSHIT!
@ 1st i was about 2 fall 4 it. but i remembered how the relationship was the 1st time around and thought about my booski cookie. who helped me realize that even tho i make mistakes i still deserve a good woman. so 2 the ASS out there [u knw who the F u are] KICK ROCKS!
im so tempted 2 wish bad things on her but im not cuz im better than that.

oh and college is pissing me off also and i havent even started. i enrolled @ the art institute and watnot [even tho that ish is expensive as fuck]. my parents wanted me 2 look in2 another school bcuz of the cost so i did, and i decided that i like clark atlanta. i got accepted and stuff but i have 2 fucking wait til december 2 transfer schols and theyre not gonna accept most of my credits! AGGGHHHH!

but u knw just gonna suck it up til december, hopefully i'll make a million bucks b4 then. and if i do then FUCK COLLEGE! im just gonna turn my mill in2 3 mill or 4!

mmk....i feel a lil better. oh and i just realized how much of a 2 timing, ignorant, selfish, hypocritical, hoe "she" is. but hey she chose her life.....dudes are gonna run thru u n life like the roster call @ a lakers game

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