I think its about time.....

Lots of ya'll that knw me personally knw that im pretty damn different than most.
i llike 2 go against the grain and do my own thing. and alot of ya'll knw that over the past year ive had alot of girlfriends and short flings. idk if its my age or the success with the company or watever, but im kinda tired of the "fast life" i guess u can call it. my last few gf's have been......douche bags. period. no sugar coating it or nothing. and i kept wondering why my relationships have been doodoo. and after beating my mind over the past few weeks i figured out why.

in a tired of the materialistic, infatuation, meaningless relationships. im tired of just being with someone "just because" this is weird 4 a dude 2 say but im done riding in the fast lane. im done just being with someone "cuz we look good 2gether" knowing that we wont even make a month 2gether. im 2 damn old. im on the verge of being $20 [20 years old] and its just seeming.......boring 2 me. its time 4 something....more than the usu. my older bro is married and has kids and is successful as hell and he's only 23! i want that. not really the marriage [not yet @ least] but i want wat he found. i want someone who i can run my company with, and spend most of my free time with. i dnt want 2 become ubersuccessful and b single. cuz ive always feared that anyone i met after the money rolled in would b after 1 thing. i really fear that.
idk. i want 2 b with the girl that will eventually b my wiife.

is that so much 2 ask 4 God?

Danira i miss uuuuuuuuuu! this much

__________________________________________________________________________________________! LMAO! =D

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