U knw wat......

Fuck all this love, trust, and compassion shit. im done with all if that. I really see why i was in my robotic/heartless/dgaf mode. cuz when im like that then i dnt have 2 worry about shit fuckin up. i knw im cussin alot my fault but im just bummed the fuck out rite now. this ish been building up 4 the longest. i hate when u try 2 give someone another chance and they say they ready 2 change but then they screw ya ass over. but u knw what. fuck all that im spazzin out rite now but its cool. inm done searchin 4 that 1.

2 space thoughts:

Anonymous said...

=( Heartbreak is a killer isn't it??
But remember every chick ain't the same. Everything happens for a reason.

Dr. Robotnic said...

yeah ur rite and thats wat im tryna
think 2 keep myself from shutting the rite girl out.