its official! ive been working day and nite [sing kid cudi] 2 get my clothes out there. i knew i was gonna sell from my online shop but i wanted my stuff in boutiques and other stores.

1 word KARMALOOP! AAAGGHHH! im so proud of myself.

im so close 2 my dreams that.........

"The sweet smells of success, fame, and fourtune will soon be scents in my cologne collection"

2 space thoughts:

{Mr. Wilson} said...

congrats, fam... it's inspiring 2 see black youth realizing their dreams...

it also gives me inspiration, considering the fact that i start'd my clothing line a few weeks ago...(haven't produced any clothing yet, still trynna get the artwork and business plan perfected)

Dr. Robotnic said...

preciate it so much.
i was inspired by ppl like me starting with nothing and becoming successful. i just wanna
do the same and inspire someone like i was