Her Love...My Death

She's like the g-shock on my wrist, with her i feel UberFly/

Im tryna figure out wats worse, not talking 2 her or suicide/

being absent of her presence is the ultimate homicide/

ive never felt a love like this/

a love thats like my skinny jeans, handcrafted and crisp/

hmm...i wonder wats worse, not having her love or a pair of slit wrists/

ive also never felt a love so sweet/

like the rush after a snickers, smooth and complete/

wat would i chose, never having her touch or b brutally beat/

never feeling her warmth never absorbing her heat/

that my friends is my ultimate defeat/

but i refuse 2 die, refuse 2 not try/

ill fly 2 any planet, go thru any guy/

she's become apart of my life, i love her with every single breath/

my choice is obvioius b/w...

her love or my death.

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