10 Things that u NEED 2b like Dr. Robotnic

Mmk. ii know this sounds mad cocky and watnot but idc. @ my school ima...trendsetter, i stay 10,000,000 steps ahead of the game. I have 2 bcuz nowadays its cool 4 ppl 2 IMAGINE that they start trends and claim them as their own. so like ive noticed that alot of ppl have been gigabyting the styles that ive started and its cool cuz it shows that im like the "stepping stone" for the "fashion deficient". but 1 thing i hate is when ppl try and do the styles but they dnt do em rite so here's a list of essentials that u need 2b like me.

1. An idc attitude...cuz u cant care wat others think about u
2. Money...cuz it aint cheap 2b me. lol
3. an open mind.....u have 2b willing 2 do stuff that ppl wont like
4. An "Against the grain" way of thinking....when the world is n brite colors, im n dark
5. JUST B UNIQUE! and remember juat cuz its weird dont make it cool

2 space thoughts:

N.Kisses* said...

umm the title says 10 but the list has only

Dr. Robotnic said...

Damn my A.D.D. ! lmao