Watup..tryna hit me up?

mmk. 1st off im really tired cuz i didnt get any sleep and so im kinda urked and spazzed rite now. but everyone has been complaining that they cant contact me 4 business and stuff so i'll help ya'll out. search: Robotic Infantry Clothing or Ramoan Oreo Bruce

hit me up. but DO NOT hit me up tryna pitch me ideas! i have millions of ideas that i STILL have 2 get down on paper and produced so i dnt need anymore rite now. every now and then i will ask 4 help but not rite now.

iight im bout 2 go lay down cuz im tired and i need 2 get my mind focused and i gotta work on this exclusive piece 4 some1. hit me up on the cell or hit me a message and i'll get back 2 u asap!

im outty 5000

(yes! greg im mad @ u still cuz u started the chain of events that i gotta try and fix! bastard!)

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