Still Designing....kimi...i need u

Watup Earthlings! im still here! yeah even tho wat im goin thru rite now im still here. ive made some personal changes and im working hard 2 get ma girl back. and i designed a shirt thats basically 4 her.

Kimi, ur hurt, and i caused that. rite now u dont want 2 hear 4rm me. but ima show u that the new me is dead and the Ramoan that u fell in love with is back. and im here. i want u back n my life. i hope u'll find it 2 talk 2 me. bcuz i miss u, and i love u. ur the ONLY mama! and always will b the only 1.

so i designed this tee 4 u. all of the proceeds of this shirt go towards something i want 2 give u. something that i want 2 give u as a commitment promise from me.

i love u. and only u. i miss u.

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