Robo-Pride Promo Pieces Available now!!!!!!!!

To prepare for the official launch of ROBOTIC INFANTRY im releasing exclusive pieces from the "Robo-Pride" Promo Series. I know i said i wasnt gonna sell anything til the release but everyone has been buggin me about letting some stuff come out early. he's a couple of pieces from the series [yeah thats a thong] lol
i'll post the link 2 buy everything later 2day.

4 space thoughts:

'J'ason [^_-] 'D'avis said...

From One Entrepreneur And Designer To Another...You're On Your Shit Dude, Keep Up The Good Work

Dr. Robotnic said...

Dude that means alot 2 me. Preciate the love

Korey said...

Yo, I Love This Bruh....I Might Have TO Get At U About Those Shoes Mayne........LOL. Keep Ya Head Up And Keep Moving Forward Bruh!

Korey said...

By The Way...This Is Antonio....I Accedentally Posted This Under My Bros Email.