Online Store of the month....OKI-NI

Yo this is the site that i get alot of my stuff from. its a site that ma dude put me on a few years back and ive been copping from them since. its a site called
The stuff they got is dope like uberdope. all the stuff they have is like uber pricey but its worth it if u can afford it. check em out and if u not affected by the recession like im not then get on and get ya international freshness on.
Oh and U WILL HAVE @ MAKE SURE U KNOW UR CURRENCY CONVERSIONS! cuz u mite think something is cheaper than it really is.

Alot of ya'll have been txtin me asking me how its goin wit my situation, thanks 4 that. im just making sure i go back 2 the old me and hopefully her and i will be 2gether cuz i wanna marry her.

but 2day imma just try and not think about it 4 the rest of the day. clear my mind.

oh and preciate all the support ya'll r showing me by buying the MISTAKES tee on the shop

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