My final letter 2 everyone....

Mmk...ive been stressed out 4 the past few days and its starting 2 affect me physically. So ima just put how im feelin out there and this will be the last letter that i post about wat im going thru cuz i know all of ya'll just wanna c more clothes and ish.

1st pissed that people who r supposed 2b my real friends, people who r supposed 2 support me during this time r going behind my back and lying about me! thats real grimey but that just shows who my REAL friends r. 4 the friends that have been supporting me i love ya'll and it means alot 2 me.

now kimi, sorry, im apologizing now as the ramoan that u met and fell in love with. not that douche bag that i turned into and hurt you. im sorry. with every breath in my body i want u back n my life. when i was talking 2 that girl those 2 days, i kept calling her mama and saying that i loved her cuz i wanted that 2b u. i wanted my mama back and i felt like i wasnt gonna get that back. but i knw u dnt believe me. spring break was the best ever bcuz u and i grew so close and i was reminded of y i fell in love with u. being without u is starting 2 make me physically and mental sick. i feel empty, lost, confused, dead. i love u with every bone n my body and im not afraid 2 let anyone know. i miss ur voice, ur touch, ur smell, ur smile, ur love........i cant do this without u. ur my life and witout u i feel like my life is gone....

Joan birthmother, i forgive u. i forgive u 4 giving me away, 4 telling my mom that u didnt want me cuz "that lil nigga was gon keep me from doing me" 4 19 years ive hated more, im moving on 4rm u. u missed out. i wont let the emotions i had 4 u ruin another relationship. so i forgive u. sorry 4 changing on ya'll. ya'll have known me 4 years and i became a starnger 2 ya'll and im sorry. imgoing back 2 being me. the old ramoan.

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