Im the Oreo...She's the Cookie

Watup Earthlings, Aliens, Autobots, and ppl named Orville. lol

as u guys know ive been stressed out about alot like my clothing line, personal issues, school, and just all around life. well i decided that i was just gonna go with the flow from now on and watever happens happens. Well 2day something good happened....i met Danira aka Cookie [insider]. mmk basically she put the smile on my face that ive needed 4 a long time. like a BIG smile =]. Like i def 4got abt everything and just felt.....good. UberGood. We've got alot n common, she's got the Rubics Syndrome[another insider], and we can just talk about....Anything! oh and b prepared, our mixtape is comin out soon. lmao. FREE OREOS! YAAYYY! lol [yet again, another insider]. Im not one 2 jump the gun but.....idk. Oh snap Dr. R's thinkin about something!

3 space thoughts:

N.Kisses* said...

very happy to see youre happy....cause bro your blogs are crazy sometimes (not in a bad way)....and you need that smile more than once in awhile!

Dr. Robotnic said...

I really preciate that. yeah life can b a biznitch sometimes. i just had 2 learn 2 deal wit it. there'll b more smiles over here. its ppl like u and all the other followers that remind me that it's all worth it

N.Kisses* said...

aww all blushing