Im Ok.

wats up everybody. i just got back 4rm the hospital. yeah i knw GASP! lol
i didnt knw there was such a thing as severe exhaustion but now i do. 2 years ago when i was working on the line i could work 4 weeks strait and only need a lil food or sleep. i would go into this creative zone and just design 100's of clothes and then when i had nno more i'd make up 4 all the sleep i missed. i cant do that no more. im getting older (i know ya'll like negro ur only 19) but i dnt have te energy that i used 2. i went in the zone a few days back and i didnt pace myself and got so exhausted that i could barely move so i had 2 go in last nite and they had me on an iv and ish. but im all good now. jus fighting the urge 2 work on some ideas i thought up. (Robotic ER) preciate all the txts that ya'll sent askin if i was ok. i love ya'll and i'll mayb post later.
Dr. R

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