15 Random Facts About Me.....

1. I hate washing dishes and random pieces of meat hit my hand...
2. I live in Atlanta rite now but I never left BROOKLYN!
3. I wanna have a family 1 day.
4. My clothing line Robotic Infantry is the dopest alive!
5. Yes..Im actually tryna learn how 2 speak Klingon [Star Trek Language]
6. Skateboarding + Skinny Jeans + Star Wars + Guitar Hero + Blogger = ME
7. When ppl ask me dumb questions i reply "Ehhh..............dNO" [stuffy voice]
8. Im a Robot
9. Im puttin out a mixtape....Just 4 the hell of it. lol
10. The Art Institute of Atlanta is where i'll b going 2 college [Then 2 AiNY]
11. Me and Cookie r the only ppl who have "The Rubics Syndrome" Oh Snapperz
12. My mom says..."If ur pants hang....then u want that thang" lmao
13. Im lookin 4 a Mrs. Robotnic 2 make robo-babies and....micowaves and ipods with.
14. I love Rock music.....the Klaxons are UberDope
15. This is the last number of the list. lmao

2 space thoughts:

N.Kisses* said...

im feeling the klingon intelligence.
i for one just purchased a pink spaceship for trips to get to another dimension....we should make it a voyage...wanna be

Dr. Robotnic said...

Oh yeah Klingon is the new Ebonics. lol
u got a purple 1? dang i got that basic silver. Captain Robotnic reporting 4 duty. lol