New site in the workings

Watup Humans....Back 2 business. The blog has been going awesome, the clothes are dope, and business is getting better everyday. So now im starting 2 put i work on the official "temp" site for Robotic infantry. the site is its still n the works so if u go 2 it theres an under construction banner. ive got alot of work 2 do this week so by the end of the weekend the site should be up and functional. ill have links 2 the myspace, the facebook, the online store, and of course the u guys hang in there with me and i wont let u down.

Dr. R

oh and heres some shoutouts that i wanna throw around

Kimitria: Love u baby....u ma future baby.mama

Darrell: watup dude....we gon make it son, we so close

Van Solo: dude ur trax are dope as hell....waiting 4 the mixtape 2 drop

and GOD: love u man

Im outty 5000

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