Mechanical Breakdown of Dr. Robotnic's Style

iight...ive got a problem with ppl that i c everyday. Ok i know we live in a world where being different and the next big trendsetter is the cool thing 2b. Cool I get it...Do u, but dnt come 2 me nd try 2 clown my style n front of ppl nd then go back nd gigabyte on 4 all of the clones out there here's a breakdown of my style....

1)idgaf....i dnt wake up nd wonder if u'll like wat im wearing....u aint ma girl

2)if i wear something that ppl c as weird or unusual...then i like it

3)Bowties r the accessory of the F%!@in future!

4)Vans r the kicks of champions!

5)dnt hate on ma skinny jeans...cuz ur girl loves em

6)yes...I love Plaid

7)Being an oreo is not a fad...its a way of life

8)Fedoras over fitteds anyday

9)CARRYING a skateboard dnt make u a boarder!

10)Hell yeah....Lumberjack hats r fresh

ill continue this @ a later date....cuz the next naming names

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