Lemme Jus set the record strait...

Mmk. 1 of my friends has been going thru some really tuff relationship issues, and shes not doing 2 well. a lil livid rite now bcuz im tired of girls everywhere who say that "n#$$!s aint ish" and all dudes is dogs. mmk, i understand y all of yall have that perception, i really do, cuz yeah, MOST dudes arent abt ish and they are dogs...MOST of em like 95%. But there are some of us that really are good geniune guys that are abt something and are not dogs, and im tired of girls jus putting all guys n that category. Yall come into relationships expecting us 2 do bad and treat us like we're all the same...WE'RE NOT! thats like dudes sayin all girls is hoes and b!%#$es. and all of u r not. but i realized jus now y yall do that. bcuz when guys find a gilr they like they do that "Baby im different" skit. but it makes it hard 4 us guys that r good prove 2 ya'll. but idk...i guess i jus gotta stop tryna prove it nd jus do me, nd if she dnt c it...fine, if she do...even better. but i aint gon stress on it nomore
Dr. R
yall hit me up nd let me know wat u think

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