DEEP BREATH......GoosePhaba

Mmk earthlings. as yall saw i had a bit of a meltdown last nite but im all good now. ive jus been letting alot of stuff build up in me and instead of doin the smart think and releasing it i bottled it all up and it turned into a supernova and exploded. and the simplest thing triggered it. but preciate all the love and support frm all yall ma friends, fam, associates, others.

i just realized that i i try 2 hard 2 make my dreams come tru and i have 2 remember that my dreams arent everyone elses dreams.

nd no more trips 2 my heart, mind, and life...

alls i need is my money, my fam, God, my style, my skateboard, and my clothing line.

Love ya'll

Dr. Robotnic.

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